Enso Tattoo is the end result of three friends who had a vision. All stemming from very distinguishable backgrounds, upbringings and skill sets, Kevin, Nicole and Curt finally decided to put their minds together to make it happen. “We wanted something different and unique, that would make us stand out from the traditional street tattoo shop.” Hence, the concept of Enso was born. Very simply put, Enso means the Circle of Togetherness, encompassing all. “We needed a way to truly showcase all of our distinct art avenues; Kevin and tattooing; Curt and retail design; Nicole and yoga; while also encouraging as much overlap as possible!” Enso Tattoo was the solution. A tattoo shop that welcomes all art forms. “Not only do we strive to become one of the best walk-in shops in the city, but also to provide an outlet for all types of artists, both local and international, to show off their work, and share their passion.” No drama, no fuss; just hard-working artists, doing their thing and sharing it with the art community in Columbus, Ohio.  


Kevin Stress, Tattooer

Curt Everitt, Tattooer

Nicole Fleming, Shop Mom