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Frank Ape: Just Visiting

This November, Enso is proud to feature artist Brandon Sines from Brooklyn New York. "Frank Ape: Just Visiting" is our new gallery show where Brandon and his jovial character Frank Ape will be exploring our beautiful city, Columbus Ohio.  Brandon has been hard at work researching and creating custom Ohio featured art work. As Frank Ape is known for doing, he will be taking on other identities, spreading love, and enjoying everything Ohio. You may catch Frank at your favorite coffee shop, chillin in your local bar, or playing on your favorite Ohio sports team… You'll have to come visit us to see. Opening at Enso Tattoo on November 5th, 7pm - 10pm. "Frank Ape: Just Visiting" will be featured the entire month of November.

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Artist Bio:

Brandon Sines, was born in Los Angeles in 1986, is a painter and street artist. Sines grew up in Toronto, Canada, and moved to NYC in 2010, creating his iconic character, Frank Ape, that same year. Frank Apes can be found painted, wheat pasted and stickered in NYC. Sines first solo presentation was in 2013 at the Living Gallery in New York. Frank Ape art has been purchased by people all over the world, including Japan, Germany, Bangkok. Notable collectors include Solange, who owns 4 original Franks pieces and photographer Richard Misrach who has several non-Frank pieces. Sines has no formal art education. Sines lives and works in New York City.